An evening at Shakes and co

Now we have to admit if there is one thing we are guilty of, its travelling for good food. Well in this case its desserts. A little out the area but definitely worth the drive! Our evening consisted of red velvet waffles, with cream cheese frosting and vanilla ice cream. Lets just take a minute to appreciate this little find, after months of searching we came across this cute little spot on Instagram and just KNEW we had to pay them a visit!

You could probably guess we are huge red velvet fans, so we really did ignore everything on the menu and go straight for kill! We had initially planned a red velvet feast, red velvet waffle, red velvet freak shake, red velvet cake pop and a slice of red velvet cake. But the sugar squad within us spoke wise words and said just choose one! So that’s what we did and it wad the best decision we have EVER made! It was a cross between a red velvet waffle yet still tasting like a sweet slice of cake, truly was AMAZING!

Our red velvet lovers, please do yourself a favour…… Take a trip!

Red Velvet Waffles

Red Velvet Cake 

Red Velvet Cakepops

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Address: 182 High Rd, WILLESDEN NW10 2PB

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