An X-factor night at ‘Karaoke Box’ …. No judges

Imagine singing out your hearts desires, just you a microphone a screen and the lyrics to all your old school favourites …. Well imagine no longer. Karaoke Box is here and ready to cater for your every need! With three branches in London’s Mayfair Soho and Smithfield  are you up for the challenge …. Well Karaoke box is ready when you are!

We visited the Smithfield branch of Karaoke Box, for a late night session of harmonising, coordination and pitching. It really was a little harder than it seemed. Its all good and well having favourite songs, but remembering to sing the lyrics at the right time and pitch really was a whole other ball game! Although we all considered ourselves as soloists having a private booth made it all worthwhile for sharing those high notes together. With a full list of old school R n B and hip hop classics, Reggae, Jazz and Pop the song list is endless!

Don’t worry we know all that singing will make you thirsty! But whats better than a Bar right outside your booth? That’s right you can sing your first verse and then pop outside order a drink (or two) and be back in time for the chorus! As Karaoke Box operates using hourly slots, its so easy to extend your session! Each booth can fit anything from 5 people to 25 (and more if necessary) so why not make the most of it.

Sing your heart out today!


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