Hey guy(s),

This is just a really quick post to reinstate being bold is not a crime. Thinking back to my thoughts of whether or not to start a blog, the pro’s and cons and all, if i were as bold as i am now back then, who knows what would have been. As stated in my very first post lets not be afraid to make decisions, be bold and courageous! Even if everything does not go to plan you know what they say, everything will be okay in the end and if its not, its not the end! Show a willingness to take risks, whilst being confident and courageous! This outfit pic took maybe 50 shots, 100 eyes and only one picture was chosen, but after all one is better than none.

See the glass half full and watch the greatness unfold.

PS, Being Bold is NOT a crime, lets work in the power of NOW.


(Apologies in advance, the links to the individual items are no longer available.)

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