Burgers and Cocktails

Now lets pretend we had the most amazing waiter and a spectacular experience….. well that’s if you’re talking about the food of course! Anyway lets get back to business….. This little spot has been on our list for a while! Lets be honest whats better than a good old juicy burger washed down with a refreshing sweet cocktail.

We opted for a Falafel burger and the cheese and bacon burger, with a side of sweet potato fries and rustic skin-on fries. Ever heard the phrase ‘ Your eyes are too big for your belly’? Well this was definitely one of those moments! The size of the burgers alone was more than enough, but there was no harm done like literally whats a burger without some fries?

The cheese and bacon burger option was very interesting to say the least, as it consisted of fondue cheese, which little to our knowledge was a creamy consistency. We really should have read the menu  better or we wouldn’t have asked for additional Haloumi cheese. But hey whats wrong with a little cheese fest once in a while. These two babies put us right to sleep, but we were determined to have churros for dessert! Although a rather small portion compared to the meals, dessert went down a treat and we will definitely be back!

PS. Be sure to visit Monday-Friday between 5-7 for happy hour 50 % of selected drinks!

Top: Falafel Burger Bottom: Cheese and Bacon Burger

Cocktails: Watermelon Collins and Cosmo Daisy 

Churros coated in cinnamon and chocolate sauce

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