Cancun Chronicles

Hands down this has to be one of the BEST if not the BEST holiday to date! We’ve just returned from our trip to Cancun in Mexico and can truly say its was amazing. This trip took place during a time called ‘Jump Off’one of the countries biggest urban events. They were definitely right when they said it features a non stop party adventure where day events last well into the night and night events last well into the early morning. From the day parties to beach parties to after parties and the after party’s after party we really did go on for hours on end! ….. but without a doubt it was worth it.

Think ive mentioned a few times this was a party holiday based on a week of various events which obviously you can select those to attend. The only downside to this was half our clothes if not all were too dressy for the events we attended and we often found ourself overdressed or trying our best to underdress and fit in. Ladies im sure you’ll understand when a week of planned outfits dont go accordingly for one reason or another, but you know what they say you cant have it all!

During our stay we visited a range of restaurants some of which we were too hungry to document, but those we did we’re truely amazing! (Check out our instagram page for a range of stories) In particular Jugo De Lemon, a restaurant located in town with a view of dolphins it doesnt get better than that! Here are a few random snaps from our holiday….


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