Hey guys (maybe that should be singular, don’t think I’ve joined the plural club just yet LOL), I am currently at a stage in life where people ask me questions I don’t know the answers to. At the moment in time I’m not really fussed but then hours, days or sometimes weeks after, I’m left pondering in my thoughts.

I have learnt more than ever over the past couple of weeks, my decisions are MY decisions whether or not I have the answers as to why I thought, discussed or came about them. I finally decided to start a blog (YES i know after everything i said LOL) and I’m happy that’s what really matters.

I can also happily say my decision to buy these faux leather culottes (long after having sold out, but luckily spotting in the January sales) was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Lets not be afraid to make decisions, be bold and courageous! Even if everything does not go to plan you know what they say, everything will be okay in the end and if its not, its not the end!

Thanks for reading my first blog post.






Top – Topshop
Culottes – Zara
Shoes – Topshop
Bag – Kenzo

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  1. Silver Candy

    Well done girly, I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your new page xxx

  2. RoseXRouge

    Simple and chic! <3
    Love the fact this could be worn at the office and then worn straight from the office to a night out.
    Looking forward to more posts in future 🙂

    • ASK LDN

      Thank you,! That’s a very good point you’ve made or even with a pair of stan smiths? X

  3. Hannah

    So happy and proud of you doing this! x

  4. Dunni

    Defintely a go-to look this spring! Love it!!

  5. Lisa Anaafi

    Always love your style and always here to support x

  6. JOYCE Masasa

    Love the whole fit and post yaas

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