Dessert’s at Sensations UK

Now it’s a known fact that a meal isn’t complete until desert is served! Well lets imagine a world full of restaurants dedicated to desserts, that would be so cool right? Hmmm maybe one day! That’s not to ignore the fact that dessert restaurants and parlours are on the rise, but lets focus on this little  spot right here, Sensations UK.

Ticking every single box possible our visit was indeed sensational, ha see what we did there? Well of course we ordered our usual traditional crepe, but this time with a strawberry and white chocolate waffle and a Ferroro Rocher and Nutella waffle. Of course that wasn’t enough we ordered a side of churros too!

Strawberry and white chocolate waffle, traditional crepe and Ferrero Rocher and Nutella Waffle

Location: Sensations UK Holloway Road 


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