Dining at Camden’s Q Grill

Date night or dinner with the girls Q Grill is always a good idea. Located in the heart of Camden Towns, Chalk Farm Road Q Grill is a cute casual spot offering a range of raw, grill and smoked options.

On this occasion we opted for southern fried chicken, spiced cornbread waffle and maple butter, a side of Q wings with house BBQ, and buttermilk chicken with blue cheese sauce. You’re probably thinking that’s a lot of chicken right? Well you guessed it chicken and waffles are one of favourites … and so is Q Grill. We haven’t really touched on tastes or flavours, that’s because we really want you to experience it for yourselves and give us your verdict! Don’t forget to tag us #ASKLDN

Worth the money? ……. Yes

Worth the journey? ……. Yes

Are you going to pay Q Grill a visit?…. We’re hoping the answer will be YES!


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