Here we have fresh pan Asian cooking, through a tour of the flavours from East Asia. Welcome to East Street, a range of authentic tastes from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand. Everything about this restaurant spoke culture and traditions, so you can imagine how excited we were. Well this was after we had accepted the queue for breakfast club was far too long and Nando’s AGAIN was just not an option!

We were really torn between the small plates, salads and greens option or the East Asian classics, soups and stir fries or curries. After much deliberation nonetheless, we decided to have a bit of everything. Ordering Prawn Pad Thai, Thai Green Curry, Katsu Curry, Malaysian Ho Fun Noodles, Japanese Style Chicken Wings and Indonesian Noodles. What a great choice it was!

image1 (3)
Thai Green Curry, Malaysian Ho Fun Noodles, Indonesian Noodles

Japanese Style Chicken Wings

Katsu Curry

Virgin Popsicles

Although the rice portion was rather small, the noodle selection was more than enough! there was barely any room left for desert, so we had to give it a miss (I KNOW, that’s the BEST part of a meal right), but we did grab a handful of customised sweets on the way out.

I think its safe to say East Street has definetly given Busaba a run for their money! But i’ll let you be the judge of that…
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  1. JOYCE Masasa

    Loved this post. I really want to become more open with my food choices so this restaurant is definetly on the list of go to’s! Thank you , keep up the great work.

    • ASK LDN

      Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! Its definetly worth a try. Hope you’ll be a regular visitor so many more posts to come! Thanks once again! 😀

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