Its as cold as Ice, LITERALLY – Ice Bar London

Its as cold as ice, are you willing to sacrifice? Warmth and comfort that is, but all for a good cause of course! …. We recently visited the UK’s only permanent bar made of ice and boy did it live up to its name.  From the moment you step in, to the moment you leave Ice Bar London hosts an  amazing experience!

Who would have thought it a bar where the walls, tables, bar and even down to your own personal  glass…. made of ice, pretty impressive right? Made out of crystal clear ice from Torne River, North Sweeden and kept at -5 oC all year round, Ice Bar London is the country’s only permanent Bar made of Ice.  With the current theme ‘Wild in the City’ once a year the entire bar is completely transformed with a new design theme and layout.

Operating on a 40 minute slot basis we were really not sure what to expect. But it wasn’t long till we had our thermal cape and gloves on and we were right on in there. Funnily enough we were not quite dressed for the occasion so the cape and gloves definitely came in handy. On arrival we were welcomed with two free cocktails (of our choice) and then left to party the night away. As the DJ pumped loud music through the speakers we didn’t really notice how cold it was …. until the drinks ran out! Taking our hands out the gloves to get our bank cards out, really proved harder than we thought. But lets just say we learnt our lesson and put them somewhere more easily accessible. Round after round  we eventually got the hang of drinking out of a cocktail glass (get it? LOL) but before we knew it, our slot was done and we were being ushered out the building, was definitely fun whilst it lasted! Oh did we forget to mention Ice Bar London also has an ordinary bar and a restaurant where you can wine and dine whilst you wait…. We’ll have a review of the other bar and restaurant for you soon! But in the mean time we’ll leave you with this!

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Cocktail Glass

Wild in the city ice sculpture


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