Krispy Kreme – #Holeinthewall

The Nutty Chocolatta – Available in all stores from 27th May 2016.

Calling all chocolate lovers, if you really are a chocolate fanatic, then this one is for you!

Krispy Kreme, UK has recently launched its #Hole in the wall campaign. Why not be the first to try their new Nutty Chocolatta Doughnut filled with Nutella hazelnut spread, which I might add is also a limited edition. We were excited to try ours!

Lightly sprinkled with hazelnuts and covered with a layer of chocolate, oozing with Nutella hazelnut spread, you couldn’t ask for any more chocolate!

Stop by the High Holborn branch from 9th – 21st May 2016 for your chance to unlock the new doughnut as it appears in front of you …. ATM style.

Chocolate lovers unite this week and reveal your Nutty Chocolatta doughnut.

Where: 229 High Holborn, London WC1V 7DA.
Date: 9th – 21st May 2016.
Opening time: Every day between 8am – 8pm.




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