#NationalChickenWingDay at Wing Zone

Lets take it back a few days to #NatinonalChickenWingDay. On 29th July Wing Zone UK hosted a national chicken wing event in their first ever London Store.

Founded in 1991 by two university students, Wing Zone is an American franchise specialising in chicken wings, in a range of flavours. We were invited to their national chicken wing day event, where believe it or not wings were 50p ALL DAY! That’s right 50p, per wing, all day! We really didn’t know what to expect, so were shocked to say the least when we were handed a ‘Savor the flavour Blogger Taster Menu’ and wined and dined throughout our visit. It was hard to believe we were in London’s very own Finsbury park! but we’re not complaining.

The blogger taster menu consisted of 3 courses and allowed us to try out 9 signature award winning flavours. These were:

Traditional Buffalo Flavors: Baddalo Bliss, Hot Shot, Nuclear Habanero

Flavor With Heat: Thai Chili, Garlic Parm, Mango Fire

Sweet With No Heat: Liquid Gold, Honey Q , Sweet Samarui


The first course was flavour test, where we were given 2 chicken tenders with a selection of 4 fan favourite flavours. These were: Hot shot, Sweet Samarui, Garlic Parm and Baffalo Bliss.


We then had to choose from these flavors for our next course. This was the easy part, how could we compare Sweet Samarui to any of these? This was the best flavour …. Oh and maybe just a little bit of Garlic Bliss. But we soon realised we prefer our chicken nice and sweet! Did we mention how soft these chicken tenders were? We could’ve been there all day!

Once we had chosen our flavour it was on to the next course, this was 5 flavour fuzed original wings with regular chips, wedges and coleslaw and 5 flavour fuzed boneless wings with the same side combo. Now this is where the happiness began!


As we couldn’t stomach too much Garlic Parm we decided to go for the sweetest options, these were Sweet Samarui and the newly introduced Honey Q. We can only describe how tasty these wings were and who would’ve thought there would be a taste difference between boneless and original wings but there was; and staying true to our original choice …. Sweet Samarui all the way!

Our last course consisted of the build your own burger option. This was a Brioche bun with a choice of a beef, grilled or breaded chicken or vegetarian bean burger. We then had to choose a flavor or ‘go naked’ (a very good concept which simply means a plain burger without the sauce), add toppings and add any cheese. Unfortunately the pictures of the burgers were of a low resolution for the site so accept our sincere apologies, but hope you believe us when we say, Wing Zone is the place to be and our new very own hot spot! Definitely an alternative for our all time favourite Nandos, price-wise and taste-wise too! But that’s enough chicken talk for one day we have teamed up with Wing Zone and are giving 4 people the chance to Savor the flavour! Head to our Instagram page (@askldn) to find out the details for the competition!

Until next time Wing Zone!

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