Network vs Net Worth

Network vs Net worth

We often hear the phrase ‘networking is key’ but very rarely put these words into practice. Although networking can give both financial and non-monetary benefits we have come to learn networking takes time. It’s about creating. Building ad maintain relationships. Remember when Drake released ‘No new friends’ we were all screaming it off the walls, but in this case this is not the way! Having friends within the same or different business ventures as you is extremely beneficial for both parties. It allows room for development, creativity, collaboration, opportunities, sponsorship, assistance, positive influence the list goes on! Before starting this ASK LDN project we attended countless networking events,

– Pepper your talk and Lets talk Fashion Buiness presents ‘Leading Ladies’
– Events by Mori – Level Up: The networking experience
– Lets talk Fashion Business Clinic
– Kiziah& Co and Shirleen David’s: Girl Boss
– Life Talks presents Karen Civil

Just to name a few!; Where we met a wide range from different industry backgrounds. All of whom had different experiences, knowledge, and advice to share …. FREE of charge might we add! When starting your business venture if you find you are not getting enough business opportunities then you need to build your network! At the Leading Ladies event, founder Dior Bediako told us she tries to attend at least one networking event a week! If only we could list the benefits brought to us, from adopting this strategy! Whilst founder of Lets Talk Fashion Business an independent business network and resource centre for students, graduates and start-ups, Frederica Boateng continues to offer support an email or phone call away! Its has become so important to adopt the ‘its not what you know, its who you know mind set, when starting a business venture. That does not mean do not research and explore your idea before completing a business plan, we’re merely advising you to connect with as many people within your industry/similar industry as possible!

Your net worth is the value of everything you own (minus debts). This can be used as a measure of how much a person/ business is really worth. Nonetheless, knowledge is power this cannot be measured! Whilst Oprah is worth 3.2 Billion Dollars and Richard Branson is worth 4.8 Billion, the networking event that may inspire you to build or create a brand or company worth multi-millions is only a few clicks away! ….. BUY THE TICKET!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who we have spoken to at the various networking events, you have helped us create and build. It really is true what they say, YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE!

We will be attending Pepper Your Talk Presents: The Stylists next Wednesday 15th June and Deluxe Disilver Presents ‘I am Different’ on Sunday 26th June. Tickets can be purchased on (Search event name) Come along and be inspired!

These are our thoughts on networking, feel free to share your own in the comments!
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  1. Michael

    I can definitely agree! Since I started networking, it allowed me to grow my circle of influence and integrate with people who I can learn from. I have also learned that it is good to go networking with the thought process of who can I help today instead of , who can I use to get me what I need. All in all there’s nothing better than meeting like minded individuals and building prosperous business relationships.

    • ASK LDN

      Thanks for your reply, very interesting point you made, about attending the events with a who can i help mindset, Will aim to adopt that! Thanks once again!

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