Shrimp Loving

Can we get a round of applause of for my shrimp lovers, those sea food connoisseurs. Well let me introduce you to one of our favourites Bubba Gump Shrimp,well that’s if you haven’t been here before, based in the busy Leicester Square its definitely one to try!

Well if you hadn’t noticed already this is the home of the shrimp. Popcorn shrimp, shrimp mac and cheese and the BEST shrimp New Orleans. Now this is probably our 3rd trip here (and we always get the same thing, i know its bad but we just cant help ourselves). Although the curry has quite a overwhelming tangy taste… it really is to die for.

So lets run through this quickly …. we rarely EVER get starters, we just head straight to the main. So on this occasion we had Shrimp New Orleans (which can we say is amazing!) and then a dessert sampler (this is what happens when you cant decide what you want to have so you opt for a portion of each). But lets just say Bubba we have unfinished business ….. we will definitely be back!

Shrimp New Orleans 

Dessert sampler


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