Simple Yet Stylish – Barbara Adarkwa

Simple Yet Stylish – Barbara Adarkwa

‘Simplicity never fails to make a statement’

We caught up with Barbara Adarkwa a personal style blogger, to discuss her brand ‘Simple Yet Stylish’. Isn’t it so daunting trying to find an outfit, for an occasion which is a statement piece without being over the top. Simple Yet Stylish has always been her motto, because simplicity never fails to make a statement. So exactly how did Simple Yet Stylish come about?

ASK: How did your brand ‘Simple Yet Stylish’ Begin and how long have you been blogging?

Barbara: Whenever my friends were going out they would ask me what to wear/ how to do their hair etc. Then a friend of mine suggested I should start a blog as I am really good at styling and helping others. This was three years ago and here I am today!

ASK: How would you describe your personal style and is there a person/people who are your inspirations?

Barbara: My inspiration would be Victoria Beckham, my one and only! And pretty much my brand name ‘Simple Yet Stylish’ very simple, very easy and straight forward

ASK: What would you say is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

Barbara: Competition Is probably the biggest challenge, because London has so many bloggers or actually people in general! and the reality of it is that we all shop from the same shops. So you have to figure out how you can be different and differentiate yourself from other bloggers


 ASK: How did you set up your site?

Barbara: I sat down and wrote ideas of how I wanted it to look. I kept it really minimal with black/white my signature colours, so they had to represent. It’s not really about the design of your blog its more its content.

ASK: How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently whilst also balancing other commitments?

Barbara: How do I even start! I am a really organised person so I wake up really early and schedule things in. When I do shoots, I do about 6 looks at a time and try to post once a week. So being a mother of two, so when they need attention I drop everything and attend to them. Then when they go to bed maybe around 9pm or 10 latest I edit my pictures and write my blog posts. I then automatically schedule it in and share on social media. I have a really good support system my family who are also very helpful. Sometimes it does get a bit hectic though I actually take my kids with me to take my pictures


ASK: Are there any magazines/fashion blogs you keep up to date with?

Barbara: I don’t really make time for magazines anymore if I am honest, but the fashion blogs I keep up to date with are Olivia Gold (, Melissa’s Wardrobe (, Shirley Beniang ( and Yves Child (

ASK: Whats the one wardrobe essential every fashion guru must have

Barbara: A pair of black leather pumps. They don’t have to be high fashion but I do feel that every woman deserves a pair of high fashion black heels.


ASK: What do you think will be big hits fashion-wise for this season

Barbara: I don’t think there will necessarily be a big hit in particular, as fashion is constantly elvolving. I just feel like all the old trends continue to come back around.

ASK: What type of networking do you think is best to enhance your traffic to the blog?

Barbara: All types of networking!  I would not necessarily narrow it down to a particular type. It’s really important to carry your business cards everywhere, you never know you could get stopped anywhere. Also attend as many events as possible, they don’t necessarily have to be fashion based! It could be all sorts of business events that could help you build your brand.

ASK: Advice for up and coming bloggers and stylists

Barbara: Be yourself, it’s easy to fall into being like everyone else/ doing what everyone else is doing. Also never hold back, the fashion industry is very competitive so there are so many opinions/comments that can put you down, or make you think twice about what you are doing. I would also say use your blog as a tool of self-expression, not just through your personal style but everything else. But before you start do you research, it’s really important!

Twitter: @simpleyetstylish

Instagram: @simpleyetstylish


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