Smollensky’s – Canary Wharf

We were invited to another birthday dinner at this restaurant, so thought it would be a good idea to do a review this time round!

It’s always a nice experience going out in Canary Wharf, the energetic atmosphere and views of the city make the day or night, just that bit better.

On this occasion we decided to sway away from our usual (in this restaurant) of BBQ Ribs and try something different. On the menu for us this time, was the Cajun half roast chicken with sweet potato fries and sour cream, surf and turf 8oz rib eye Steak served with Garlic Prawns and lastly pan fried Seabass (in Teriyaki sauce)  with mashed potato. It’s always good to have a variety, so if you don’t like one dish, there’s always something else to choose from. The Teriyaki Seabass and Surf and Turf Steak were to die for although we were a little disappointed we were only given two prawns, the taste definitely made up for it, not forgetting to mention the Cajun half roast chicken! All in all, we were more than happy with our new selection of choices second time round, after all its always good to try something new!


Cajun Half Roast Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries and Sour Cream


Pan Fried Seabass in Teriyaki sauce  with  Creamy Mash Potato


SURF & TURF  8oz rib eye served with King prawns and side of Creamy Mash Potato


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