Steak & Lobster

Although we are not big fans of Lobster, there was no harm in giving it another go! Never be afraid to try something twice, that’s our motto! As off putting as it can be, to buy something you didn’t enjoy first time round, but we all deserve a second chance?

Anyway back to business …. We visited the Bloomsbury branch of Steak and Lobster, literally just a few minutes from Tottenham Court Road and were very impressed to say the least. Situated downstairs of the Radisson Edwardian Hotel this location is perfect for a relaxed evening, date night or even a dinner party.

With fewer options to choose from, they really do focus on what they do best, nice and simple straight to the point steak or lobster. Yet again, we could not decide what to have, so we had both Steak and Lobster of course! Guess it was only right we had both, and for £20 how could we possibly say no! Oh and did we mention that’s including unlimited fries (and salad, but lets focus on the fries)? Yes that’s right, as many bowls of fries as you like! Although we could only stomach two or three rounds of fries, the Steak and Lobster (we chose grilled Lobster and medium-well done Steak) definitely won us round this time. Not to mention the cocktails, the meal always tastes nicer if there is a pretty drink to wash it down. As Steak and Lobster offers a relaxed and easy going attitude to dining, calling the waiter repeatedly for more fries really was not an issue! Don’t be shy, eat more fries we kept saying.

Overall, Steak and Lobster was a great dining spot and For £20, it’s your choice, you really can’t go wrong!




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