The Monster: Bigger, better, bouncier!

What you doing on bank holiday? they said and of all the things planned this was definitely top of the list!

Let loose your inner child….. and thats exactly what we did! The ultimate bouncy castle experience, no lets do that again the ultimate INFLATABLE obstacle course for adults  at over 300 metres long, was the highlight of the night.

The Monster is the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course and hands down the craziest nostalgic bouncy castle experience for adults consisting of 42 ridiculous obstacles including the 18m “Mega Slide”, the juicy “Tunnel of Love” and terrifying “The Bouncy Cage of Doom!” and the best thing about the course is you dont exactly have to be the most fit…. it took us a few attempts!

We were more than determined to overcome each obstacle and all in all we managed to tame the monster! As we enjoyed it so much we’re considering going to Birmingham for the tour finale! Dates: September 21st – 23rd

Please note the London dates are have passed, but we enjoyed it so much thought we’d share it regardless. Check out our instagram page @askldn for videos of the day.

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