Where the pancakes are

As we visited this spot on pancake day too, this was our second visit. Although it was very different from our regular pancakes at My Old Dutch and The Breakfast Club, Where the pancakes are offer a different take on traditional and sweet pancakes.

We kept simple and traditional with pure maple and butter and lemon lemon and sugar. Oh and a portion of bacon to complete. Although the pancakes were not very sweet, the maple syrup helped to bring all the flavours together.

Despite the fact the portion size was rather small (could probably have done with an extra pancake or two). Where the pancakes are introduced us to a new style of pancakes. Who would have thought pancakes made with a organic flour blend with buckwheat flour, eggs and buttermilk could be so tasty. Lets not forget the maple syrup (it was very important on this occasion)

We were where the pancakes are ….. and we sure will be back! 

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